I recently saw an advertisement for Depends highlighting how fashionable they really could be for the American incontinent consumer. The scene opens on a red carpet and an interviewer asks Lisa Rinna (star of television, stage, and botched plastic surgery) if she will try the new Depends fashion brief. She agrees immediately even though she doesn’t need to wear them. She soon returns looking dynamite and slimmer than in the previous scene and might I add that the briefs really made her lips pop! This brings up a lot of issues for me ranging from fashion to self control.

Fashion is important to me and has been all my life. I recall the sense of pride I felt when I donned a Members Only jacket. I had a lot riding on that fashion selection and I like to think that getting that jacket was a turning point for me. People were going to welcome me, after all, I’m now a Member. Self control has always been on my mind as I have very little of it at any given time. I wore that jacket morning, noon, and night and possible past it’s fashion peak. Come to think of it, when I finally took off the coat I was the only Member.

Now as I write this I get it. It doesn’t matter how good you look or which designer is on your back if you have an accident. That will never fly on the runway. It’s also not recommended for clothes that you plan on wearing again or returning to Macy’s because you truly couldn’t afford them.

Depends has also created an ad geared to the male consumer. In this spot the Depends models are professional football players. Now in my opinion football players are a smart move (no pun intended). They are perfect candidates for this product. Have you seen how tight those uniforms are and all the equipment? These guys are the poster children for needing to relieve yourself anytime or anywhere. And given this past season’s referee strike it must have been comforting for the players to know they weren’t the only people on the field full of…

As I write this blog, I see that my feelings are conflicted regarding these ads. I feel sad for Lisa and those football players. Imagine their initial excitement at the prospect of becoming the national spokesperson for a industry leading product with both tv and print ads. Then to realize its for adult diapers! Oohhh! My thoughts also go out to the Depends advertising department. I’m sure they dropped a load on this campaign.

It is worth noting that I’m wearing a pair of the briefs now and the words are writing themselves!

Lisa Rinna Depends Commercial

NFL players Depends Commercial