When are they going to make those books into movies? Step aside Harry Potter, Jason Bourne, and Katniss Everdeen. My favorite character is the Dummie from those books! He seems so cool you and I could totally party with him. I see Tom Cruise in the lead role of Dummie. No wait strike that or should i say stroke that…John Travolta. They have the same hair! (I’m probably going to get sued for this because we all know he doesn’t want to stroke me! ‘She’s referring to the dummy of course’, said my lawyer.)

My folks have the iPad for Dummies book (a real page turner). I couldn’t put it down. There is a entire chapter detailing how to touch the screen. Might I suggest we back up a book or two if you are not familiar with how to touch? And believe me my Dad wasn’t. We went over that chapter twice.

I must admit I’ve never bought one of those books because that’s like screaming out “hey over here yeah I’m dumb”. Or maybe because I’m illiterate. Price Check for the self proclaimed dummie in aisle 9.

I’m working on some upcoming dummie sequels. Here take a gander:

Racism for Dummies
Sticks for Dummies
Duh for Dummies
Breathing for Dummies
Brain cells for Dummies

04/04/2013 04:59 AM