Have you noticed that the US of A does not have the drive and determination that once made us great? There’s an overwhelming sentiment felt by many in our country that goes something like this, ‘Why not sit this one out?’ and by this one we mean Monday through Friday. Our cultural icons are Honey Boo Boo, teen moms, and feuding housewives. Today we fight Cupcake Wars and the battle for the Big Gulp (“Give me 64 oz or give me death!” Which come to think of it might be a good slogan for anti diabetes prevention watchdogs). Remember when we went to war over fun things like religion?

In 2008, the chant of many was ‘Yes We Can’. Is that still true? It’s beginning to look like our new slogan should be ‘No We Cant’. It’s time for America to manage its expectations. Time to stop reaching for the stars and believing in the dream and start settling. No sense getting a big head. After all, high hopes in most instances lead to drug dependency.

Maybe this national lethargy isn’t such a bad thing?

Maybe it’s time to give 10% versus 110%. If more people do less won’t that create jobs for all these unemployed college grads with school loans hanging over their heads? These 10%ers will be providing a great service to our country besides all the jobs they free up. With all that spare time it only makes sense that they will spend it on Facebook and that will help stabilize the stock. Also, we may see a boost in FarmVille users which can help to eradicate the virtual food shortage.

If more Americans were willing to phone it in our infrastructure would be less taxed. Less people going to work means less traffic and fewer emissions. We must address global warming in some fashion, why not let that fashion be a comfortable pair of PJs and our fluffy slippers? What better way to give back then laying back?